Amazing Flyin' Hammer Brother
(a.k.a. Calm Amazing Flyin' Hammer Brother.)

Games: Super Mario World
Speed: Fast on blocks
Items: 1 coin for a fireball.
Points: 0 points for attacking from below, 100 for a cape attack, 200 for everything else.
Attack Pattern: They fly one side to the other like a wave, throwing two hammers one at a time.
Basic Strategies: Hit their blocks from under with your head. Yoshi can't eat them!
Advanced Strategies: Using some other attack (fireballs, stomps, shells, etc) will earn you more points, than hitting from below, fireballs being the easiest and probably most rewarding (you get a coin and 200 points this way).

Games: Super Princess Peach
Speed: Fast on blocks.
Items: Points.
Attack Pattern: They attack the same way they do in Super Mario World. Except this time, they sleep when nobody's watching.
Basic Strategies: If you don't want to fight them, walk slowly. If you get in a fight with them though, just hit them from under.
Advanced Strategies: You can always attack the enemy while it's asleep. But you have to have a good range.

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