Games: Super Mario RPG
HP: 80
Offense: 15 (Normal) 0 (Magic)
Defense: 8 (Normal) 8 (Magic)
Speed: Somewhat slow.
Items:4 coins, and sometimes a Mushroom.
Points: 3
Attack Pattern: Frogog's tend to use regular attacks, but ocassionally you'll see one use a "bubble toss". This attack hits an opponent with a surprisingly powerful blast from a watter bubble.
Basic Strategies: Mario and Mallow should share duties attacking Frogog with timed regular hits. Mallow's Thunder attack will work well too, and it may be particularly useful when fighting more than one at once.
When you run into these guys again in the Pipe Vault, Mario should probably be strong enough to beat them with one timed-hit. Have him take these guys out first, while Mallow and Geno either back him up, or work on the weaker enemies.
Advanced Strategies: Because of their high hit points, it is a good idea to leave Frogogs until last when fighting a mixed party. By beating weak enemies first, you can quickly reduce the number of attacks the enemies get during each round. When they use regular attacks, they approach one character and open their mouths to bite, press A as they open their mouths to block.

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