Games: Super Mario RPG
HP: 220
Offence: 130 (Normal) 30 (Magic)
Defence: 1 (Normal) 120 (Magic)
Speed: Slow.
Points: 10 Exp.
Items: Royal Syrup, maybe an HP Max in battle.
Attack Pattern: Outside of battle, Ameboid appears as a blue puddle, when approached, it reveals it's self to be Ameboid and attacks. In some areas they hop around the map wildly.
They use Vioroplasm (poison) and Psychoplasm plus some regular attacks in battle. They can also split into four more Ameboids.
Basic Strategies: Jump and fire attacks are strong. Sometimes hitting it will cause it to split into four parts.
Advanced Strategies: Use strong physical attacks (Bowser is good), or Mario's Flame attacks. They can usually only withstand one timed hit.
If an Ameboid splits, all the others will have the same stats that that the original had when it split. So you should be able to destroy them in one or two hits, depending on how much damage you caused the original. When they attack, they wobble their heads back and forth and then make a "kissing" motion. Press A as they "kiss" you to block.

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