(a.k.a. Snifit Cadet, Snifit #4.)

Games: Super Mario RPG
HP: 120
Offense: 50 (Normal) 20 (Magic)
Defense: 50 (Normal) 20 (Magic)
Speed: Slow.
Items: 4 coins and a Mid Mushroom. He's also guarding some treasure chests.
Points: 1
Attack Pattern:In Booster's pass, there's a hidden doorway which can only be opened from within Booster's Tower. This leads to the secret Snifit training grounds, where the Apprentice is jumping from pillar to pillar over pits full of Spikeys.
If you bump into him, the Apprentice will attack you. He uses a large number of special attacks, as well as some regular attacks. Gunk Ball is probably the most dangerous of his attacks, it may mute one character. His other attacks only cause slight damage.
Basic Strategies: Geno Beam works well, but most other special attacks are no better than a regular timed hit.
Advanced Strategies: With only 120 hit points, you're wasting your time attacking the Apprentice with Specials. Just save your FP and use regular hits - he can easily be beaten with a couple of timed hits.
Block Apprentice just like a Snifit or a Spookum. He jumps over to one of the characters, and "kisses" him or her. Try to press A at the same time as the kiss.

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