Pink Boo
Pink Boo

AUTHOR: Boo Buddy Justin
(Revision History)


TYPE: Ghost.

TURF: Beaches, Ghost Houses, Towns.


CLOSE RELATIVES: Bigger Boo, Boo, Big Boo.

SKILLS AND ATTACKS: Steal, Scare, Grab.

STRENGTHS: The ability to steal.

WEAKNESSES: Boo-Away Orbs, FLUDD, Portraits.

BACKGROUND: Mario was constantly holding Mario Parties and Boos always starred in mini-games, but were not playable. Finally, Mario invited Boo to Mario's Fifth Party! All the other Boos were happy, but realized that if they starred in the mini-games, the player Boo will get confused and mixed up with the crowd. To prevent this, they decided to make themselves pink, like the ones commonly found in Isle Delfino and the rare ones in Mario's Fourth Party. There are also Mini Pink Boos as well as a Big Pink Boo who will steal coins or a star for you if you visit him at night in Towering Treetop or Castaway Bay.

EVOLUTION: Pink Boos in Super Mario Sunshine looked just like the normal boos, but pink. They were small with dopey faces and tongues hanging out and were not transparent. In the Mario Party Series, they are not transparent (with the exception of some of the Big Pink Boos) and had bodies the size of Mario's head.

"Like, I totally love to steal stuff! Just give the word and I'll be on it like stomp on Goomba! So, what can I know...steal for you? Heh!"
"Who's gonna be the unlucky target of my wicked deed?"
"Teehee...I'll be right back!"
"I stole some coins for you! I am, like, the best Boo ever! Gorgeous AND devious! Teehee! Visit anytime! I live to stir up trouble! Teeheehee..."
"Daytime is totally lame! My pale complexion burns, like, really easily. Come back later!"


Games: Super Mario Sunshine
Speed: A bit slow.
Items: N/A.
Attack Pattern: In Super Mario Sunshine, they will just float around and not attack. If you sprayed them, they would turn into platforms for brief amounts of time.
Basic Strategies: Spray them with water in Super Mario Sunshine. In Mario Party, you will automatically use an orb if you have the right one. You also have to tap the A button.
Advanced Strategies: N/A.

Pink Boo