Sling Shy
(a.k.a. Sling Guy.)
Sling Shy

AUTHOR: David Mitchell
(Revision History)


TYPE: Human.

TURF: Castles.



SKILLS AND ATTACKS: S'crow Bell, Spore Chimes.


WEAKNESSES: Bowser Crush, Poison, Ice and most Geno attacks.

BACKGROUND: Valentina recruited a small army of Shy Guys from the 8 Bits Club and then added them to her army, arming them with Slingshots. They wear green to show they're a part of Valentina's troops and call themselves Sling Shys.
Sling Shys are often confused, apparently they have a bad habit of staring at Valentina's Pinwheel monsters for too long and getting dizzy from it. This makes them a little less dangerous in battle, and they're actually among the weaker troops in her army. A lone Sling Shy wouldn't pose much threat.
Even though they're not too bright, Sling Shys can surprisingly cast a number of transformation spells.

"Hear my song." - SMRPG (hidden quote)

Games: Super Mario RPG
HP: 120
Offense: 108 (Normal) 42 (Magic)
Defense: 80 (Normal) 21 (Magic)
Speed: Below average.
Items: 20 coins and sometimes a Honey Syrup.
Points: 3
Attack Pattern: On the map, Sling Shys stumble around erratically, often moving in strange straight to diagonal patterns, although some alert ones can run and even jump. In battle they hey cast transformation spells that can turn characters into a Scarecrow or Mushroom and they also fight with slingshots. They will run away if the battle is going badly.
Basic Strategies: Take these guys out early, because they only need a couple of timed hits. They're weak against most magic attacks, but regular attacks are probably enough because they can only withstand one or two timed hits.
Advanced Strategies: Use Snowy to defeat all Sling Shys quickly. When a Sling Shy shoots at one of your party members, press A just as the rock hits the character to block it.

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