Magnus Von Grapple
Magnus Von Grapple

AUTHOR: Boo Buddy Justin
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TYPE: Mechanical, Boss.

TURF: Forests.


CLOSE RELATIVES: Magnus Von Grapple 2.0.

SKILLS AND ATTACKS: Stomp, Rocket Fists, Rocket Dive.

STRENGTHS: He can fire his fists at you.

WEAKNESSES: He has low health and weak attacks.

BACKGROUND: The Magnus Von Grapple was designed by Lord Crump, of the X-Nauts. This machine helps Crump in combat, since he is not a very good fighter on his own. It can even detach its rocket fists to pose more of a threat!

"That's Magnus Von Grapple. It's a giant robot built by the X-Nauts. Lord Crump drives it.
Max HP is 30, Attack is 2, and Defense is 1.
Its most effective attack is one that takes advantage of its size: a smothering stomp. It can also shoot out its fists, which do these super-gnarly rocket punches.
Its fists have Max HP of 2, an Attack of 4, and Defense of 0. Its fists are super-powerful, so it's best to knock them down fast. The thing about this robot is I can't tell if it looks cool, or really, REALLY stupid..." - Goombella


Games: Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
HP: 30
Offence: 4
Defence: 0
Points: 30 Star Points
Items: Emerald Crystal Star
Attack Pattern: The Magnus will begin by trying to stomp on either you or your partner. It can also fly up into the air, and attack both of you at the same time. About halfway through the battle, it will fire its rocket fists, to create two more enemies in the battle. These fists deal a lot of damage!
Basic Strategies: Use your most powerful attacks. This battle isn't hard at all. When it fires its rocket fists, take those down first. They only have 2 HP, so that shouldn't be a problem. Use Sweet Treat whenever you need to heal.
Advanced Strategies: If you have Goombella's Multibounce ability, you can deal more damage more easily.

Magnus von GrappleMagnus Von Grapple