Chain Chomp
(a.k.a. Chomp.)

Games: Super Mario Bros. 3
Points: 100
Attack Pattern: They're stuck to chains, bouncing around. When you get close, they'll dart out and try to attack you, but they cannot go beyond the range of their chains.
Basic Strategies: Avoid them. There really isn't much else you can do.
Advanced Strategies: Hammers will probably work, and so will invincibility, but both of these are fairly rare.

Games: Yoshi's Island
Attack Pattern: Once again, they basically wander around, and try to attack when unwary players get too close. These ones also chomp towards the screen, courtesy of some fancy Mode 7 or FX chip stuff. Either way, the results are the same: avoid them. There are also some other varieties of Chomps which attack differently, but we'll look at that another time.
Basic Strategies: Didn't you read what I just said? Avoid them!
Advanced Strategies: I don't think there are any attacks that will hurt a Chomp in this game.

Games: Super Mario RPG
HP: 100
Offense: 60 (Physical) 5 (Magic)
Defense: 65 (Physical) 31 (Magic)
Speed: Fast.
Items: Sometimes leaves a Mushroom.
Points: 10 experience.
Attack Pattern: On the map screen, they just stay in place more or less, making them fairly easy to avoid, although they are usually placed in awkward areas to get around. In battle they use regular attacks and Iron Maiden, which causes fear in the character it is performed on.
Basic Strategies: It takes two to three timed-hits to beat these guys, so get to work! Most magic attacks will work, although only a few will actually cause severe damage.
Advanced Strategies: It is difficult to block Chain Chomps' attacks, because they don't move much. They stay in place, and make a chomping motion. Theoretically, pressing A as they chomp should work, but it's hard to do because you get little indication that they're attacking.
Thunder and Geno Beam are fairly useful magic attacks - Thunder in particular hits all enemies and costs little in the way of FP, so it is a good choice.

Games: Super Mario 64, Super Mario 64 DS
Attack Pattern: As usual, Chain Chomp is limited to the areas he can reach from his chain. He is even more violent than usual in this game, making barking noises, and really going after Mario when he gets too close.
Basic Strategies: Avoid him. It's the easiest thing to do.
Advanced Strategies: You will have to fight the Chain Chomp at least once, to get the Star he is guarding. "Pound the Ground" on his post three times, and he'll run away, smashing the gate that protects the Star in the process. The easiest way to get away with this is to run in there while your energy is full, and just pound the post as fast as you can, not worrying about getting hit. It is probably possible to run in, pound the post, and then dodge the Chomp's attack; then retreat and repeat the process two more times, but it's more trouble than it's worth to do it that way.

Games: Yoshi's Story
Attack Pattern: I don't know if there are any actual "Chain Chomps" in this game, but there are some Chomps in general. Most probably jump from a distance, and smash the ground.
Basic Strategies: Dodge, dodge, dodge.
Advanced Strategies: I don't know much about the Chomps in this game, so I have no more advice.

Games: Super Mario Sunshine
Speed: Average.
Items: Shine Sprite.
Attack Pattern: Don't think about jumping on it, because of its high fever, it rages out of control. Also, If it isn't watered 100%, You can't pull it to the hot spring.
Basic Strategies: Spraying it with water will calm it down, and you can drag it to the hot spring easily.
Advanced Strategies: Throwing a barrel at it will completely drench it, saving you enough water. Then grab on to the chain and then drag it to the hot spring.

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