Goomba Bros.
Goomba Bros.

AUTHOR: Koopa Krush
(Revision History)


TYPE: Fungus, Boss.

TURF: Sewer/Pipe Vaults.


CLOSE RELATIVES: Goomba, Paragoomba, Spiked Goomba.

SKILLS AND ATTACKS: G: Head-bonk. SG: Spiked Head-bonk. PG: Aerial Ace.

STRENGTHS: Spiked Goomba is strong against jumping, while Paragoomba is strong against hammer.

WEAKNESSES: G: Everything. SG: Hammer. PG: Jump.

BACKGROUND: Rougueport is a tough town of crimes. People steal and duel with other Rougueporters! The Goomba Bros. live below town, even though the crimes are above. They also have a big crush on Goombella.
Goomba is weak against every attack, and is easily destroyed. Paragoomba is the second toughest. He is able to fly, but he is weak against jump attacks.Spiked Goomba is the toughest of them all. He has higher defense, but he is still weak against hammer attacks.



Spiked Goomba: "Wassup Baby?-Ouch, now that's cold!"

Games: PM2
HP: 2 each.
Offence: 1 each.
Defence: Goomba: 0, SG, PG: 1.
Speed: Normal.
Points: Depends on your level.
Items: None.
Attack Pattern: When Goomba attacks, he will use head-bonk. This is also how SG attacks, but his defense is higher. PG will use aerial ace when he's in the air, but when he's on the ground he will use head-bonk.
Basic Strategies: Goomba has no type of defense, so he's weak against every attack. SG is the toughest, but he's still weak against hammer. PG will fly, but if you jump on him, he will fall on the ground where he's the same as Goomba.
Advanced Strategies: Try to press the "B" Button when they're close to you, or press the "A" Button.
To attack SG, you have to use only hammer. This is very important, DON'T DENY IT!! To attack PG, you have to use jump, or head-bonk.