Axem Green
Axem Green

AUTHOR: David Mitchell
(Revision History)


TYPE: Mechanical, Boss.

TURF: Industrial Areas, Volcanoes.


CLOSE RELATIVES: Axem Yellow, Axem Black, Axem Red, Axem Rangers, Axem Pink.

SKILLS AND ATTACKS: Static E, Meteor Blast, Solidify.

STRENGTHS: Strong against Sleep and Silence.

WEAKNESSES: Weak against Ice and regular attacks.

BACKGROUND: Axem Green is the nerd of the Axem Rangers team. He's very intelligent, but he's a bit of a skinny weakling. He's able to cast moderately powerful spells but he can't take a lot of punishment and his physical attacks are nothing.
Axem Green attempted to steal a star piece from Mario, along with the rest of his team. They were defeated however, and it seems that the entire team was destroyed by Mario. Like the rest of Smithy's robotic creations, many copies of Axem Green could be made, but it's unlikely that any survive in the Mushroom World.

"Are we done here?" (hidden quote)
"We like what we do."
"I've got a headache."

Games: Super Mario RPG
HP: 450
Offense: 110 (Physical) 90 (Magic)
Defense: 60 (Physical) 120 (Magic)
Speed: Seems to run fast enough, but he's slow in battle.
Items: None.
Points: 20 Experience.
Attack Pattern: He mainly sticks to magic attacks, all of which hit the entire party, but none of them cause more than medium damage. He'll occasionally use a pathetic regular attack.
Basic Strategies: Green can spread damage around a lot and he's very easy to kill, so it's a good idea to beat him fairly early. Bowser Crush and Snowy are okay against him, but physical attacks are better.
Advanced Strategies: Green or Black should be your second target after Pink. One good round of physical attacks may be enough to beat Green.
When he attacks, he approaches, cringes, and pokes at the character twice. Press A on the second poke.

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