Tubba Blubba
Tubba Blubba

AUTHOR: Koenvb
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TYPE: Turtle, Boss.

TURF: Castles.


CLOSE RELATIVES: Clubba, Tolstar, Tubba Blubba's Heart.


STRENGTHS: He's immortal without his heart.

WEAKNESSES: With his heart, he's a pushover.

BACKGROUND: Tubba Blubba was a big purple Clubba, but despite his big body he was actually a really sensitive guy. That's why the boos loved scaring him. When Bowser got the Star Rod and captured the Star Spirits, he made Tubba Blubba the guard of Skolar, the third Star Spirit. To make sure Mario would never retrieve Skolar, Bowser made Tubba Blubba invincible by taking out Tubba's heart. The heart got hidden under a mysterious windmill.
Tubba Blubba wasn't scared of the Boos anymore, now that he was invincible. He started eating them! But Mario managed to uncover the secret of his invincibility. When Mario was about to beat Tubba Blubba's heart, it fled back into Tubba's body. After that, Tubba Blubba was soon defeated and Mario rescued Skolar. At least the Boos decided to stop scaring Tubba Blubba.

"This is Tubba Blubba. He's one of Bowser toughest followers and he's the master of this cursed castle. I don't know his defense power. Everyone says he's invincible because he's never been hurt. I'd say it's a good idea to run from immortal enemies! If you get in deep trouble, Bow can always hide you from him." -Goombario
"This is Tubba Blubba, now reunited with his heart. This is finally his true self. His Hip Attack causes 6 points worth of damage. Be careful, because I'm not exactly sure what his other attacks can do. ...But... I think he's definitely weaker than before..." -Goombario

QUOTES: Click here.

Games: Paper Mario
HP: 10
Offense: 4/6
Defense: Infinite without his heart, 0 with it.
Speed: Pretty slow.
Items: All of the eaten boos.
Points: 35 Star Points
Attack Method: He walks around in one hallway and he'll chase you once, a bit later. He walks at you when he sees you, if you use Bow to become invisible, he'll just continue walking around as if nothing happend. (In the chase he runs around the room, looking for you.)
Basic Strategies: As long as Tubba Blubba's got no heart, avoid fighting with him at all costs! If you do end up battling him, only use the run command. Attacks will be a waste of energy!
Advanced Strategies: There's no real strategy against Tubba Blubba with heart, since he goes down so easy.