Mad Adder
Mad Adder

AUTHOR: David Mitchell
(Revision History)


TYPE: Reptile, Mechanical, Boss.

TURF: Industrial Areas.


CLOSE RELATIVES: Earth Link, Domino.

SKILLS AND ATTACKS: Storm, Water Blast, Boulder, Sand Storm.

STRENGTHS: Strong against all magic, especially Fear, Poison, Sleep and Silence.


BACKGROUND: Mad Adder is a large mechanical cobra with a black body and red and purple markings. It is Domino's pet and looks identical to Cloaker's pet Earth Link. Mad Adder combines with Domino to pull off more powerful attacks but they are not as strong combined as Cloaker and Earth Link.

"I'm alive and kicking." (hidden quote)

Games: Super Mario RPG
HP: 1500
Offence: 150 (Normal) 90 (Magic)
Defence: 70 (Normal) 180 (Magic)
Speed: Pretty fast.
Points: 200 exp.
Items: None.
Attack Pattern: Mad Adder has a variety of magic attacks. The most dangerous are Sand Storm which will cause fear in all party members and Storm which hits one character for high damage.
Basic Strategies: Magic is worthless in this battle, stick to regular attacks. If you have any Ice Bombs they're very effective, Fire Bombs are okay too.
Advanced Strategies: Concentrate on Mad Adder because if you kill him you'll kill Domino too. If you have Geno in your party cast Boost on everyone, also put the Princess in the party before fighting Domino and Cloaker for healing.

The best strategy of all is to beat Domino first instead of Cloaker, then you'll face Cloaker and Earth Link instead of Mad Adder which is quite a bit easier.

Domino and CloakerMad Adder and DominoGroup Shot 2009