Axem Black
Axem Black

AUTHOR: David Mitchell
(Revision History)


TYPE: Mechanical, Boss.

TURF: Industrial Areas.


CLOSE RELATIVES: Axem Green, Axem Yellow, Axem Red, Axem Rangers, Axem Pink.

SKILLS AND ATTACKS: Spritz Bomb, Bomb.

STRENGTHS: Strong against Poison, Fear and Sleep.

WEAKNESSES: Weak against Thunder.

BACKGROUND: All of the Axem Rangers are preoccupied with looking cool, but Black is worried about it the most. He wears a pair of shades wherever he goes, and refuses to fight without them! He's one of the fastest and most aggressive Axem Rangers.
Axem Black and the rest of the Rangers were presumably destroyed when the Blade exploded and crashed outside of Barrel Volcano. Smithy made some duplicates, but it's unknown if any still exist.

"Your timing stinks!" (hidden quote)
"We live for disorder!"
BLACK: "Yo, Red"
RED: "What?"
BLACK: "I broke my shades!"
RED: "Serves ya right!"

Games: Super Mario RPG
HP: 550
Offense: 140 (Physical) 4 (Magic)
Defense: 120 (Physical) 40 (Magic)
Speed: Fast.
Items: None.
Points: 40 Experience.
Attack Pattern: Axem Black has some bomb-based special attacks that don't cause a lot of damage, but he also has a pretty good double-slash attack, and he can counter-attack against magic.
Basic Strategies: Don't use magic, he'll counter it.
Advanced Strategies: Attack either Black or Green second and stick to physical attacks to avoid getting countered. Black's regular attack is sneaky: he warps to the character and then does a double slash with his axe, don't press A until the end of the second slash.

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