Mezzo Bomb
Mezzo Bomb

AUTHOR: David Mitchell
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TYPE: Mechanical.

TURF: Caves.


CLOSE RELATIVES: Big Bob-omb, Bob-omb, Micro Bomb, Bob-ulk, King Bomb.


STRENGTHS: Their explode attack is very dangerous! They are also resistant to

WEAKNESSES: Weak against Jump and Fire attacks.

BACKGROUND: Mezzobombs were originally manufactured by Koopas in small numbers, but it seems that Punchinello also figured out how to build them. He used them as bodyguards while invading Mole Mountain.
Mezzobombs tend to have a higher place in the Bob-omb hierarchy because of their size. The King of the Bob-ombs, in particular, has the most power.
Mezzobombs are very dangerous, because of their size. This also prevents them from being used as weapons. In general, Mezzobombs should be avoided unless you are an expert.

"Look out!" (hidden quote)

Games: Super Mario RPG
HP: 150
Offense: 70 (Normal) 0 (Magic)
Defense: 40 (Normal) 10 (Magic)
Speed: A bit below average.
Items: None.
Points: 0
Attack Pattern: They get "called" by Punchinello after you cause a certain amount of damage to him. He'll continue calling them every time they run out. Basically they just self-destruct, causing major damage to one of your characters, after a while.
Basic Strategies: Your best bet is to concentrate on Punchinello (see his section for more details) and try to block the Mezzabombs. Have Mallow keep up the party's energy. You could also have Mario Jump on them. I wouldn't recommend regular attacks, I think it will take at least two timed hits to beat these guys.
Advanced Strategies: They can be blocked much the same as Bob-ombs. They charge at you, and you need to press A after they rebound off of the character they're attacking.

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