Staff Artist


BIO: JeanRene' Broe (aka JR and Zargon) is a devoted comic book artist who takes his style largely from Japanese animation (anime) and comics (manga). He has been a huge Mario fan since before the age of five, in fact the first game he ever owned on any system was Super Mario World. Having followed this site for a number of years, JeanRene' was excited when they called for a new staff artist. Wanting to draw more Mario related stuff, and hoping to improve his skill at illustrating monsters and fictional creatures, he saw this as perfect oppertunity to fulfill both goals. Out of all the Mario monsters, JeanRene' likes Shy Guys the best (this includes bandits, snifits, beezos, baseball boys and the sort), and Yoshi's Island is not only his favorite Mario game, but his favorite video game if all time (along with Final Fantasy 4 and F-Zero GX, but he doesn't hold one above another). Zargon's Friend Codes: Mario Kart : 021534 644317 Animal Crossing: 2577-5871-1207 Tetris: 858489 470533 Metroid Prime Hunters: 1761-6199-0436