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Mailbag December 2006

May 2006 Mailbag

By Jimmy Piranha

Wii are waiting!

Hey! The Wii is out, but there's no Mario games out yet! What should I do to pass the time untill they're in stores?


Jimmy says:
The Wii hasn't arrived in Europe (UK) yet! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

You know what I'm doing? I'm playing Super Smash Bros Melee until it comes out. And I'm trying my absolute hardest not to think about Wii. Impossible! If you want suggestions, try and get one thing that has nothing to do with Wii done everyday. Remember poor Fido in Nintendogs? I nicknamed my dog Bowser and he hasn't been the same since I left for 6 months... poor Bowser...

C-Sharp? C-U-Later? C-WHATEVER!

I think you should make a separate c-whatever for the characters in the Mario series. That sounds cool. My favorite monster is the Goomba. Who can resist that little angry sideways look? And the squeak.

Hope Florek

Jimmy says:
c-whatever? Compendium? Maybe we could at some point. I actually enjoy writing about villains so that's no good for Jimmy! Goombas are cool too! Make decent snacks when you're waiting for Wii!

I thought they made a "BRRRRRRR" noise?

Petey?! What about JIMMY?! WAAAAH!

Your site rules! Anyway....can you link to my site, www.freewebs.com/peteypirahnafan? I tell my Brawl wishlist there. It's new, and NOBODY has looked at it.


P.S. I'm the #1 Petey Pirahna Fan! So make him look good! ;)

Jimmy says:
Petey doesn't look good enough already? He doesn't need a bigger head!

And NOBODY'S a bigger Petey Piranha fan then me! I can even do his voice! Can't fly yet... and I only spit fireballs... BAAAAAAAAH!

David adds: You guys scare me.

How's about the NEW Super Mario Bros movie? WHAT?!


If your wonder about Super Timmy's Big Movie It sorta went down the toilet last week, But I've got a new movie title for you THE ACE & WOODY MOVIE (like the Peanuts but different.). You should put in data of Morton Koopa Jr.

I'll write more soon
Mario's Fan
Tim J.
President of Tim J. & Toon J. Studios.

P.S. Don't answer to my previous letter

Jimmy says:
Previous letter? I don't get paid enough… ANYWAY! We have data, don't we? WE SHOULD! DAVID?!

David adds

David adds: You don't get paid anything at all! And that's why I love you, man. :) As for me, I actually pay just to keep this site online...but as long as Morton Koopa Jr. keeps making people happy, I'm happy!

Typoos? Wat Tipoos?

You are forgetting a LOT of things. Blue Goombas are a addition to PM2, as Gloombas, in the Pit of 100 Trials. Doopliss is tortured by Beldam under freak-in-a-sheet. In Dull Bones, you said baddies instead of buddies. Shaman's a.k.a should be Merlon.You forgot to put PM2 in Bandit . A lot of typeos.

Jimmy says:
This is war. There should've been one space between "tortured" and "by" - There's a space between the "Bandit" and the full stop. "typeos" is spelt "typos". There should be a space between "Merlon." And "You".

You want a typo war? I'll show you typos!

David adds: Blue Goomba is technically a separate character from Gloomba. But I fixed those Dull Bones problems.

I'm a fan of one game and one game only! And proud of it!

hi my name is sleeples citizen i rekon mario and luigi is the best game ever it is so fun and the best one is superstar saga (because its the only one i have)BUT if you have never ever played you should play but the new baddies are weird i mean a giant flower come on

And like the worst thing is the first part were you have to vurse the best boss wich is the last boss but i like it how you learn them fire and electric powers that is madly well this wont be my last letter bcos mario and luigi rule and also how do you get the other games in the series plz and thankyou singed sleeples citizen

Jimmy says:
Hey! Guy Girl from the previous letter! I said I'd show you typos didn't I? And grammar! HA! I win!

To answer, get on eBay or Amazon, and look yourself. That's like saying "How do I get a Nintendo Wii?" - by the way, the answer is you can't, they're sold out, like, everywhere! Maybe you need more sleep, slick.
Also, because I haven't done this for three Replies.

What? Leave me alone!

Can you work on the mailbag? its december... not may anymore.

Jimmy says:
It's actually November. And I have a lot of other commitments.

David adds: Yeah, everybody on the site is doing this work for free between work or school, plus the lazy webmaster doesn't post new mailbags until December and makes our volunteers look like liars! Tsk, what a slob.

I'm not going to set a topic for next month. Want to see my loving replies in your Inbox next month? SEND. ME. MAIL. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
Jimmy P.

May 2006 Mailbag

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