GAMES: Super Mario RPG. Zeostar
TYPE: Fish.
TURF: Water, Caves.
HP: 90
FP: 3
OFFENSE: 75 (Normal) 28 (Magic)
DEFENSE: 60 (Normal) 20 (Magic)
SPEED: Fast.
INTELLIGENCE: Above average.
SPECIAL/MAGIC ATTACKS: Healing Dance, Viro Plasm.
WEAKNESSES: Fire and thunder.
ITEMS: 3 coins and possibly a Mushroom. During battle they may give out a Once Again.
BACKGROUND: Zeostars are believed to be close relatives of Starslaps. These creatures like to hide out in dark, wet caves near the sea and attack passerby if provoked. These creatures are not as aggressive as their pink cousins, and only pose a minor threat to adventurers.
Zeostars have a shiny green body which reflects light in a pink or red colour, making their colouring quite unusual. Because these creatures, like Starslaps, appeared around the time Smithy invaded the Mushroom World, it is believed that they may have been his soldiers. However, no conclusive ties have been made between these creatures and Smithy.
OTHER BACKGROUND INFO: The Sea Caves are filled with starfish called Zeostars that will attack if you step on them. Their regular attacks won't damage you much, but their Special Attacks, such as Viro Plasm can take a toll. Zeostar's poison keeps on hitting a character every turn, whether the character has been attacked or not. Give these creatures a wide berth or use Mallow's Thunderbolt. -Super Mario RPG Player's Guide.
"Oh, I can't stand him!" -SMRPG
Attack Pattern: On the map screen, these lazy monstesr will just sit around waiting for Mario to touch them. In battle, Zeostars can recover 70-80 HP using their healing dance, but they can only do it once; they can also poison one character with Viro Plasm, or cause a small amount of damage with their regular attacks..
Battle Plan: One of your stronger characters may be able to kill these monsters with one timed hit, and Fire, Geno Beam and Thunder attacks work well too. Don't waste your time with Jump or any of Bowser's special attacks. Because they have low HP and can heal injured enemies, you should usually kill Zeostars right away. The occasional Once Again makes them good first targets also.
Advanced Strategies: Have Mario and possibly Bowser or Geno attack them with regular attacks: they should be able to beat them with one timed-hit. Mallow's Bolt will take out all of them, but beware, if a Leuko is in the enemy party, using Bolt is dangerous.
These guys are very tough to block. They leap right up next to your character, then they "slap" him several times, and at first, you will probably try blocking in the middle of this attack. Instead, you have to try to press A right around the time they dish out the final slap.
Starslap screenshot from SMRPG.

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