Box Boy
Box Boy

AUTHOR: David Mitchell
(Revision History)


TYPE: Trap, Ghost.

TURF: Caves.


CLOSE RELATIVES: Pandorite, Chester, Chester.

SKILLS AND ATTACKS: Water Blast, Scream, Blast, Carni-Kiss.

STRENGTHS: Strong against most attacks.

WEAKNESSES: Jump attacks and some of Geno's attacks.

BACKGROUND: Box Boys are rare haunted treasure chests. The ghosts inside can stretch and squish their bodies and use this ability to fight anyone who tries to take their treasure. Among their treasures, most Box Boys keep a bottled Fautso (an orange Genie). Legend has it that Box Boys were once greedy people who captured Fautsos and wished for more and more treasure until all they cared about in the world was treasure. When they died, they stayed in this world to protect their treasures and their precious genies from other treasure-hunters.
Box Boys have no other affiliations than the treasures they love so much. Although they are not incredibly intelligent, these ghostly treasure chests are still very dangerous. They have a variety of powerful attacks and they can absorb magic and use it to do counter attacks.


boxboy screenshot