Super Mario Monster Compendium Privacy Policy

The Super Mario Monster Compendium and your Privacy

The Super Mario Monster Compendium is committed to maintaining all information about you in the strictest of confidence. Personally identifiable information is only collected from staff members, and then only on a voluntary basis. This information will be kept in strict confidence, and regular users of the site will not have personal information collected.

Our ongoing commitment to protect the privacy and confidentiality of personal information of our visitors is addressed here. Super Mario Monster Compendium staff members will never request your personal information unless you are accepted as a new staff member for the site, and then the only personal information that is required is an Email address, any other information can be given on a voluntary basis.

In the event that you are no longer a staff member of the Super Mario Monster Compendium you may request in writing that all personal information relating to your account be removed from the Super Mario Monster Compendium's records and the Super Mario Monster Compendium will undertake to do so within a reasonable period of time subject to any legal or regulatory requirement to maintain such records and then only to the extent necessary.

All Super Mario Monster Compendium staff members are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of all personal information to which they have access. All staff members are trained about our policies for protecting personal information. In summary, we at the Super Mario Monster Compendium take our responsibility to protect the confidentiality of your personal information very seriously.

The Super Mario Monster Compendium's Security Features

The Super Mario Monster Compendium makes an effort to prevent sensitive information from being viewed by other parties. Since the site is not protected by any form of data encryption, information you send through forms on this site may be viewable by third parties. No sensitive personal information will ever be requested of you by the site and you are not advised to send sensitive information such as your home address or phone number through any form found on this site.

Protect Yourself - Personal Security and Privacy

Ensure you protect the privacy of your information by not revealing sensitive personal information to anyone else. Any messages you send to us by Email are not secure. Do not send any personal information that you would not want someone else to have via Email.

We recommend installing a good anti-virus scanner and keeping it up to date. Virus protection programs are available online and at most software retailers. Anti-virus software will monitor your computer, scan Email attachments and prevent an incoming virus from doing any harm.

When you view any Web site (including the Super Mario Monster Compendium), all of the information is stored in both your browser's memory cache and your computer's disk cache. To protect the confidential nature of your personal information, we highly recommend that you clear your browser's memory cache or close your browser (which will also clear the memory cache) after giving personal information out on any website. Again, this type of information will never be requested from you on the Super Mario Monster Compendium site.

If you have any questions about privacy and security on the the Super Mario Monster Compendium that weren't addressed on this page, you may contact us via the e-mail links supplied on the staff page.