Machine Made Axem Green
(a.k.a. Machine Made.)
Machine Made Axem Green

AUTHOR: David Mitchell
(Revision History)


TYPE: Mechanical.

TURF: Industrial Areas.


CLOSE RELATIVES: Axem Green, Machine Made Axem Red, Machine Made Axem Pink, Machine Made Axem Black, Machine Made Axem Yellow.

SKILLS AND ATTACKS: Flame Stone, Meteor Blast, Elegy.

STRENGTHS: Strong against most magic, especially Fire, Fear, and Sleep.

WEAKNESSES: Physical attacks.

BACKGROUND: Machine Made Axem Green is a plain steel duplicate of the the Green Axem Ranger. He's built in large quantities in the Smithy Factory but he's even weaker than the already weak Axem Green - not a big threat. For some reason he's always teamed up with Machine Made Axem Red and Machine Made Axem Pink.

"Whew! Vertigo!"

Games: Super Mario RPG
HP: 80
Offence: 105 (Normal) 80 (Magic)
Defence: 80 (Normal) 120 (Magic)
Speed: Fast.
Points: 10 exp.
Items: Maybe a Royal Syrup, and maybe a Defense Up during battle.
Attack Pattern: On the map Machine Made Axem Rangers are found moving along conveyor belts. In battle Machine Made Axem Green can use a bunch of attack spells including Elegy, which causes sleep. He'll also occasionally use a really weak regular attack.
Basic Strategies: Regular attacks will usually beat him in one hit. He's pretty resistant to magic, so don't bother with it.
Advanced Strategies: Green should usually be your second target after Pink. He's not too dangerous but he's so easy to beat it's worth it to finish him off before Red.

To block Green's regular attack, press A at the end of his poke. It's quite weak so it won't really matter if you fail.

Machine Made Axem Green