Raphael the Raven
Raphael the Raven

AUTHOR: Koenvb
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TYPE: Bird.

TURF: Castles, Jungles, Space.



SKILLS AND ATTACKS: Super Ground Pound.

STRENGTHS: Normal attacks won't hurt him.

WEAKNESSES: His butt. And eggs do major damage! (Too bad you can't use eggs when battling him!)

BACKGROUND: Raphael was a normal Raven until Kamek made him big, hoping Raphael would defeat Yoshi. But, no! Yoshi kicked his butt, and Raphael got launched into space, somehow creating the Raphael constellation. After floating around in space for a while, gravity pulled him back to earth. He crashed on LavaLava Island. He didn't want to get beaten up again, so he befriended the Yoshis. But it became more than friendship. He became the leader of the island. Now, the Yoshis (and even Mario) come to him in times of need.


EVOLUTION: Raphael looks pretty much the same in both games. He's only bigger in Paper Mario, and a tiny bit more blue, with a yellower beak.
Raphael's big change is socially. Instead of being a Boss for the Koopa Troop, he's now the guardian of the Yoshis and the jungle! Mario couldn't have saved all of the Star Spirits and beaten Bowser without his help.

"He's Raphael the Raven, the guardian of this jungle. Look at the size of this guy! He's enormous! I bet there's nothing he can't do. Doesn't he seem trustworthy?" -Goombario
"The basically laid-back Ravens come in several sizes. The smaller ones travel in flocks or traipse around small platforms all day long. The biggest of their breed is called Raphael the Raven, and his enormous size renders most direct attacks useless. Instead of fighting, Raphael and the Ravens helped Mario out in Paper Mario." -Super Smash Bros. Melee

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Games: Yoshi's Island
Attack Pattern: He'll just walk in circles, eventually he'll stop, look around, and then will start walking again, or does a ground pound.
Basic Strategies: When he's standing still at exactly the opposite side of the moon to one of the poles, ground pound that pole to hurt him. Do this three times to win!
Advanced Strategies: You can do the basic strategies when Raphael's running, but that's pretty hard! Also when Mario's safety meter is low, you can just bounce on Raphael's head until it's recharged. He won't move until you get off of him (only when you jump straight up!)

Games: Paper Mario
Items: A portal to Koopa World, The Ultra Stone.
Points: None.
Strategies: You don't fight Raphael in this game.

Raphael had a cameo in Tetris Attack on the Super NES.

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