AUTHOR: Emerald Koopa
(Revision History)


TYPE: Dragon, Boss.

TURF: Sky.

AFFILIATIONS: Subspace Army.


SKILLS AND ATTACKS: Thunder, Dragon Rush, Dragon Pulse, Dig.

STRENGTHS: Has a Lot of HP.

WEAKNESSES: Big target.

BACKGROUND: The Sky High Pokemon.
Rayquaza is a legend in Hoenn region myths. It is said that this Pokemon is the only thing that can quell the fighting between Groudon and Kyogre.
Rayquaza is said to live in the sky forever, very seldom coming down. The appearence of a Rayquaza in a lake, however, has Pokemon researchers believing that it may descend to clean itself. It is extremely hostile, and will attack anyone who enters it's personal space.


Games: SSBB
Speed: Moderate
Items: Stickers or a trophy.
Attack Pattern: It tends to roar between it's attacks, which include launching a ball of energy, flying across the screen, digging into the ground, swinging it's tail, and such. If its eyes flash, an explosion will appear where you are.
Basic Strategies: It's best to use Fox when you have no choice between Diddy and Fox when you fight it. His reflector is invaluable. Later in the game, you fight it with any character, so the smartest choise is Captain Olimar. His down air is a good attack when used on Rayquaza in close quarters and his Pikmin throw is great when you're distanced from it and in mid air.
Advanced Strategies: If you're fighting on a high level, lots of dodges are going to be expected, and there will be a long wait for the trophy stand if you want it.