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It's Fontastic!

I've learned how to make true-type fonts using Corel Draw, and I've always wanted to have that funky font that they use on the cover of Mario games, but I could never find it. Well, you can guess what happens next: I'm building the font myself!

It's mostly complete!! I still want to fine-tune the font a little bit; it doesn't look very good unless you're using rather large type, but all of the keyboard characters are there! There are still a number of symbols (copyright, etc.) that it doesn't have, but to be honest, I doubt that I'm going to add most of those.

To install the font, unzip it, then if you are using a newer version of windows, go into the Windows or WinNT folders on you C: drive and copy the .ttf file to that directory. If you are using an older version, go in to control panel, and click on "fonts". Under file, their should be an "install new font" command, which will let you browse and select the font from the folder you saved it in. I don't know whether this font will work for non-windows machines, or how to go about installing it if it does...sorry!

Most Recent Update: All keyboard characters are now working. There are just a bunch of non-keyboard symbols that don't work, and I want to fine tune the characters that do work, but this is virtually complete, in my opinion: Here's a sample of the font.

Also, visitor LuigiMario17 created his own font based on the packaging from Mario & Luigi. You can download it below.
Download the Super Mario Bros. font!
Download the Mario & Luigi font!

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