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If you want to add your site here, We will link to most sites, but we don't accept every single submission. Links to this site are always appreciated!
Caution: there are some sites on here that have emulators and roms on them, some of which may be illegal. We don't verify the legality of all content on the sites linked here, so it's your responsibility to judge that content before downloading or using it.

New Sites:

Toad Towers - A Toad and Mario themed site including art, a virtual newspaper, and more.

The Video Game Music Archive - A huge collection of video game midis, over 21,000

Fruitcake MIDI - Another big music site full of MIDIs including some original music

The Bowser Shrine - A shrine to Bowser with a biography, pictures and more.


GameFly - An online video game rental store, you can rent a game for as long as you want for as low as $14.95 per month.

Mario Related Sites:

Super Mario Bros. Headquarters - A very detailed site with tons of information on just about everything to do with Mario.

Super Mario 128 Central - One of the biggest Mario sites around, it covers general Nintendo news, but focuses on the Mario family of games. (CAUTION: The e-mailbag section contains explicit language).

Toad's Castle - A Mario fan-site focusing on the games, including reviews, glitches and fan content. It still has a ways to go, but it's already got some good content.

Mario Mayhem - This Mario site has lots of media and some info on the games.

The Super Mario RPG Legacy - A nice site that focuses on Super Mario RPG and also has sections for Paper Mario and Mario and Luigi.

Super Mario Fan Quizzes - A collection of fan quizzes about Super Mario; it's located at Allthetests.com.

Super Mario Party Site - A fun site centered around Mario Party.

Super Mario Wiki - A great resource for Mario information.

The Luigi Awareness Society - A really great site which is unfortunately out of date. Even without updates, it's one of the better Mario sites out there, good design and lots of Luigi!

Marioparty.de - A fun Mario Party site, but be warned that it's written entirely in German.

Super Mario Rebirth - A Super Mario 64 site with lots of media.

The Mushroom Kingdom - A very cool site that I recently discovered. It has a nice design and possibly the most Mario content I've seen anywhere!

Luna's Sanctuary - Luna's focus is more on art than Mario these days, but she still has a large collection of Yoshi art, have a look!

De fanspagina van Mario - A Dutch Mario fansite.

Yoshi Stadium Central - A nifty Nintendo fan site with a bit of a Yoshi theme.

Koopatorivm - A Mario site whose owner creates some awesome fan-art!

Super Mario Legacy - From the creators of Super Mario RPG Legacy comes a new site dedicated to the Mario series, featuring game info, media, and fan content.

Nintendo Fans - Formerly MB Gold, this site has tons of interesting fan content.

Princess Toadstool's Supa Dupa Mario RPG Homepage - A cute fan-site dedicated to Super Mario RPG. Lots of info, too bad it hasn't been updated in an age and a half...

Yoshi's Island Tour - This Yoshi site has a neat concept of exploring Yoshi's Island, but it's a little out of date and it features some really annoying backgrounds!

Avoided Destiny - A Mario site focused on multimedia like screenshots and music.

Mario Slideshows - This site has original Mario flash animations and powerpoint slideshows.

The Super Mario Bros. Super Site - Sadly, this cool Mario site has gone offline. You can still view the site at Gamezero, which was kind enough to archive the site.

Luigi Land - Another site that has gone offline, this was a great site dedicated to Luigi.

Other Game-Specific Sites:

Cammy Fan - An unbelievable tribute to Cammy of Street Fighter fame. In particular, the site has huge fan art and official art sections!

Super Smash Fortress - A Super Smash Bros. fan site that accepts lots of fan content and features information on all the games.

Rockman X City - A really big fan site dedicated to Mega Man. A bit out of date, but still a good place to visit.

The Nintendo Archive - A site with various Nintendo info and some Guitar stuff, too! Looking for submissions from visitors.

Enter The Cube - An online story about a group of kids who find themselves transported into the world of Nintendo.

The Only Plok! Site. - This is a site about one of the coolest games that ever appeared on the Super Nintendo, Plok! Seriously! In fact, my very first web page ever was about Plok. The site hasn't been updated in a long time, but it's not like there's any new information on the game anyway.

Greedville (Wario Land) - The official Nintendo site for Wario Land 4, it's pretty cool! This site has an arcade, downloadables, funny greed tests and a post office for a Nintendo newsletter. The music isn't bad either but gets annoying after a while.

Super Mario Advance Collection - The official Nintendo site for the Super Mario Advance games. This has info on every Super Mario Advance Game. The Super Mario World Part even has a tour!

Reploids Among Us - This unique site offers an interactive story based around the Mega Man X series.

Ganon's Tower - An awesome Legend of Zelda site told from the villain's perspective

Nintendo Fan and News Sites:

DS Vault - A Nintendo DS site with lots of news and a growing reviews section.

Nintendo Wii Zone - A news site that also has videos, wallpapers, reviews, games and more.

Wii's World - Wii reviews and news, a good new site.

DS Ultimate - A new DS fan site that also includes retro console coverage and tricks and cheats.

Nintendo Plus Graphic Gallery - A big graphical archive of Nintendo characters.

Nintendo Midi Planet - A site filled with midis from Nintendo games and fan art.

Nintendo Princesses Shrine - A nice little site with a neat concept. Some of the animated doohickeys that are all over the site are distracting.

Nintendo Database - A great site dedicated to all Nintendo games and especially lesser-known ones.

Nintengamers - A nice Nintendo news and opinions site.

General Gaming Sites:

The Nintendo Repair Shop - An online store where you can buy classic gaming equipment and learn how to take care of your older systems.

Console Passion Retro Games - Online ordering of Classic Games and Vintage Consoles. All the major systems and Japanese imports. Modification services, competitions and polls. Interesting if you're into customizing hardware.

DMG Ice - A great, if slightly disorganized site dedicated to Nintendo handhelds, it has lots of info.

Expert Gaming - A retro gaming site with various info on roms, emulators, hacks and even characters from classic games.

Video Game Music Emporium - A cool site dedicated to video game music, they post archives of music from various games.

Console Classix - This site is dedicated to bringing legal game emulation to its visitors.

Video Games Directory - A rather cool site that indexes all kinds of video game related websites. Could be a very handy resource.

Planetgamecube - Probably the best 100% free GameCube site on the internet.

Playstation 3 Gamers - Playstation 3 Gamers contains all of the lastest information as games are released. Come see why so many people are talking about this website.

Nintendo - It's the official site, what else do you want?

Game Forums - Game related discussions from GameHourz.

The Playground - A nifty site that will let you play Sega Master System and Gameboy Color games online without downloading any emulators. Also has some games they created themselves for download.

Retroscene Retro Games - Supplier of retro games, consoles and computers. Mostly for PAL territories (Europe and I think Australia) but they do have some NTSC games.

Video Game World - This guy can repair your old games, the site also has sections dedicated to stuff like funny game stories and screenshots.

Gamers.com - Described as, "A cool gaming site with lots of up-to-date news that isn't hidden from non-subscribers." Not bad, not bad at all.

Gametalk - A huge gaming forum site.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Videogames - A cool Nintendo site with lots of info on the Mario and Zelda games. I borrowed some images from here.

A is Cool, J is Cool, C is Lame! - a site with a bunch of Flash games and some Mario-based comics.

Nintendo FrienDS - A site where you can trade friends codes for Mario Kart DS and other DS games.

My PSP Portal - A site dedicated to the Playstation Portable.

RIP Games - A site about NES, Super NES and Gameboy games, soon to include a Sega section. (CAUTION: Contains some explicit language).


Dress up games - This is a paper doll site which includes some Mario and Yoshi dolls.

Saint Dragon - The official site of a South African rock band, they have a fun song about Nintendo, complete with Flash video.

My Other Sites:

Super Villain Central

The World of Dave - My portfolio site, including collections of my writing, web design, and other skills/hobbies.

The Monkey Grove - My art site, includes some Nintendo-related pictures, and lots of others! Go visit it...it's pretty!

The Art of Cards - I have a big collection of playing cards, and this site shows them off.

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