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Welcome to the Super Mario Monster Compendium. This site will eventually chronicle the monsters from the realm of Mario and his friends.

If this is your first visit, you might want to go see an explanation of what this site is. You may also want to visit my sample monster, especially if you don't know what a monster compendium is, or you want to know where my data comes from.

If you've been here before, or you're just impatient, go to the monster archives.

You might also want to check out a rant page I've made on gender inequality in gaming, or the Super Mario Brothers Font I'm designing. If you get through all that and you still want more, go to the links to find more sites related to Mario and videogames.

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2007-05-07: UPDATE! You can see the new site right here. It's still under heavy construction, some links are broken and a lot of the contents are either messed up or missing altogether. We're working to get it fully operational by the end of the month.

2007-4-28: For the next few weeks all updates will be focused on the getting the new site up and running. The first version of the new site will probably be available this week, but it won't contain all of the old content, and there will no doubt be a lot of things to fix.
We will not be taking new content submissions until the new site is complete. Please bear with us while we make the transition!

2007-4-17: Tiny update while I focus on getting the new site finished:
Wario gets some new screenshots, Yoshmaster sends a cool new sprite for Yoshi, and we have some new links.

2007-3-31: The April Fools joke is that the update is happening in March. Okay, so it's not funny - neither is posting some rubbish about a non-existant sequel to Kid Icarus or Earthbound (make it, Nintendo!)
The Bowser Shrine is a cool addition to our links page, and I've updated Blooper with a little info from his more recent appearances.
There are also brand-new pages for Balloon Boo and Super Dry Bones (written by Jimmy Piranha, art by Zargon); L33T Hammer Broz. (written by Boo Buddy Justin, art by Zargon); and Spike (written and drawn by me).

2007-3-16: I have some evolution updates to Bill Blaster, some new art for Beezo, and a couple of Wario Ware: Smooth Moves quotes from Emerald Koopa.

2007-3-1: Update for March: Jimmy Piranha gives us a Yoob page, complete with a sound effect he recorded from the game, and Boo Buddy Justin has a Princess Shroob page for us too. I also have Axem Pink and the Axem Rangers/Breaker Beam pages for you.
Ray contributes a piece of fanart featuring Booster and the Snifits, and Animaster pointed out that Bats should be listed as mammals, not rodents.

'Booster' - fanart by Ray

2007-2-16: Mid-month update! We have two new links, plus a bunch of updates for Wario, including three pieces of art from Wario World and a high-resolution version of the Super Smash Bros. Brawl movie that appeared at last year's E3!

2007-2-1: Update for February: Axem Red and Axem Black by myself and Whomp King from Jimmy Piranha (artwork by Zargon).
We also have Majin Piccolo's last piece of art - for Wiggler, and a Shy Guy drawing from ~SpAwN~.

'Shy Guy' - fanart by ~SpAwN~
'Wiggler' - fanart by Majin Piccolo
Majin Piccolo

2007-1-12: Teensy mid-month update: We have some new Fawful info from visitors Micky and Ray, and we have some updates to our Links! - one new one for the Nintendo Repair Shop and a new Yoshi Doll at Dress Up Games.

2007-1-1: Happy New Year! We've got four new monsters for you: Axem Green and Axem Yellow by myself, Beldam from Boo Buddy Justin, and Whomp from Jimmy Piranha (artwork by Zargon on both of those last two monsters).
We also have a good new link and some updates to Vivian and the Koopa Clown Car courtesy of Emerald Koopa. Last, but not least, two pieces of fan art: Yoshi by Chaos Zombie and Wart by Majin Piccolo - the second-last one in the huge batch of art he sent to us about two years ago.

'Yoshi' - fanart by Chaos Zombie
Chaos Zombie
'Wart' - fanart by Majin Piccolo
Majin Piccolo

2006-12-15: For an early Christmas present, we've got Mario & Luigi's Gunner Guy, courtesy of Jimmy Piranha and Zargon, and a Goomboss/Goomba King update from Super Mario 64 DS.
Also: an info update for Piranha Plant and a strategy update for Fake Door, courtesy of Animaster and a strategy update for Big Bubble that was suggested by an anonymous reader but tweaked slightly after I tested it myself. Have a good holiday, everyone!

Looking for more? See the Update Archives.