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Who Works Here?

Here's the illustrious staff of The Super Mario Monster Compendium. Contact David if you're interested in helping out!

David Mitchell
Webmaster, Site Editor

David runs a huge pile of websites, with the Super Mario Monster Compendium being the biggest and most time-consuming. Of course, it's also the most entertaining, otherwise it wouldn't be so big or time-consuming! His other hobbies include drawing, writing and dingo wrestling.
David started the compendium in 1999. He edits site content and writes many of the site's character pages. He is also responsible for most of the unofficial artwork in the Compendium.

Jimmy Piranha
Writer, Artist

Jimmy Piranha is my name, playing video-games is my game! I'm a big fan of Mario games, although I also like Pokemon, Zelda, Star Fox and basically anything else Nintendo related, so no Sonic!
My favourite game is my Pokemon Ruby Version, where I have a team of Murkrow, Dunsparce, Shuckle, Tentacruel (my brother is getting Leaf Green later this year, so I'll have a Blastoise instead!), Hariyama and Metang!
I found the site while searching for Piranha Plant info (I'm a MAJOR fan of the Piranhas), my first submission was (unsurprisingly) Piranha Bean. I'm also a huge Joke and Riddle enthusiast, got any good jokes? E-mail me!
My favourite TV show is Ed, Edd and Eddy (buttered toast!) although I don't actually get round to watching much TV! I enjoy submitting stuff for this site, and I'm not going to stop until Shigeru Miyamoto (Mario's original designer) drops dead!

Boo Buddy Justin
HTML support, Writer

Hello, Iím Boo Buddy Justin.
I take monster entries sent to David and convert them to HTML to save David some time. Once in a while I also contribute monsters myself. I live in Canada and hope to one day become a doctor. I like video games, golf, playing guitar, using HTML and making graphics and contributing to the site!
I like Boos (except the ones in Super Mario Sunshine), wigglers, Doopliss and Popple! I like Mario games, good RPGs, and strategy games, like Fire Emblem. One of my favorite games is Tales of Symphonia! If you want a REALLY long great multiplayer RPG for Gamecube, this is what you want!


JeanRene' Broe (aka JR and Zargon) is a devoted comic book artist who takes his style largely from Japanese animation (anime) and comics (manga). He has been a huge Mario fan since before the age of five, in fact the first game he ever owned on any system was Super Mario World. Having followed this site for a number of years, JeanRene' was excited when they called for a new staff artist. Wanting to draw more Mario related stuff, and hoping to improve his skill at illustrating monsters and fictional creatures, he saw this as perfect oppertunity to fulfill both goals. Out of all the Mario monsters, JeanRene' likes Shy Guys the best (this includes bandits, snifits, beezos, baseball boys and the sort), and Yoshi's Island is not only his favorite Mario game, but his favorite video game if all time (along with Final Fantasy 4 and F-Zero GX, but he doesn't hold one above another).
Zargon's Friend Codes:
Mario Kart : 021534 644317
Animal Crossing: 2577-5871-1207
Tetris: 858489 470533
Metroid Prime Hunters: 1761-6199-0436

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